This is a Profit accumulator review, a complete review of the membership site that shows you step by step how to make £2000 a month, totally risk free, from exploiting a secret loophole in the bookmakers and gaming industry.

You don’t need much money to get started with this system and you can join the membership site without paying to test drive the entire system and review how it works for yourself. Thousands of UK members are posting reviews online, everyday, and are they’re making hundreds of pounds every week using this program. The system is basically teaching you how beat the bookmakers by matched-betting, to produce a no risk income by taking advantages of sign up offers and free bets.

Visit the official site and watch the introduction video now, to find out more:

This idea is nothing new and has been reviewed and featured on big sites like Moneysaving Expert, the Guardian and the Independent as a legitimate way to make risk free cash. Never before though, has there been a membership site available that literally teaches you step by step exactly how to do this in easy to follow video tutorials. I am excited to review this system and share it with the masses.

You can start off with a very small pot of cash (£50-£100), this can soon be turned into thousands of pounds using profit accumulator training and following a very simple and easy process. I have decided to review the PA training system so YOU can decide if it is a system you’d like to use to create yourself a second income. We all need extra money right? You can use this to pay your bills, go on holiday, save for something special… or just spend it on whatever you like.  The founder and creator of Profit Accumulator actually used his earnings to pay his way through university.

During my first 3 weeks when I got started with Profit Accumulator, before my review, I made over £1000 profits with this system. All that’s required is a small initial investment to secure the first bonus, make your initial bets. Within the first 24 hours of starting this system for free you’ll quickly make £45-£50 from the first 2 offers. This is how everyone starts, but once you have tested the waters and made some ridiculously easy cash, you can the join Profit Accumulator as a Platinum Member.

There are 2 payment options available £22.99 a month or £150 for the year. Most members go for the monthly option as they would rather kept their money for investing in the bets, however the yearly price of £150 is a better price saving you £125.88 a year.

The Profit accumulator membership area is useful because it does all the tricky things for us and makes the actual wagering fun and risk free. Everything you’ll need is under one roof and saving time by getting the bookmaker and casino promotions,being able to review the terms and presenting instruction in an easy to use way. There is odds matching software and calculators on the site to ensure that you maximize your earnings.

Don’t join if you are outside of the UK though as this system only works for those living in the UK. Sorry I should had stated this at the start of this review. If you are abroad then there may be similar matched betting guides and even membership sites like this one. If you are in the UK then your in luck keep reading this review to find out more…

One of the best things about Profit Accumulator is that is is great if you are new or clueless about how this all works. The training shows the process of matched betting in full, making it easy to understand for the layman. The instructional videos where very useful and you can Review them at your own pace. It is great to learn all this from someone who has walked the walk. Doing matched bets without any experience or knowing exactly what you are doing could lead to costly mistakes. This is where PA comes in, it takes ALL risk away from you, it tells you exactly what to do.

Profit Accumulator Review Continued

I believe that you getting pretty excited about the profit accumulator, right? But is is important to understand what to do before you sign up. Briefly speaking, profit accumulator is a system enabling you to make income through matched betting in which you bet your money in 2 ways at the same time. In a sense you are playing 2 roles one of the customer (your back bet) and one as the bookmaker (your lay bet).

But please do not assume that this is just ordinary gambling. It is not gambling at all. This review explains that Matched-betting is pretty much the opposite of gambling as you aren’t putting your money at risk.

The Profit Accumulator back office membership area provides users the instructions for bets to put on, how much to deposit to guarantee you completely risk free profits. The wagers with the bookies, that you place, will always result in a profit. It really doesn’t make a difference which team or horse wins because you are wagering on both out comes of the sporting event. One to win and one against. One bet is placed using really money and the other bet against is using the free bonus money, or vice versa.

If you follow the training, your online account activity looks totally normal avoiding any account closures. This system is also completely 100% legal and all profits are 100% TAX FREE!

Once you register you’ll get a better idea on how things work. In a nutshell,  the idea is to use sign up bonus offers by online bookmakers and casinos. Betfair is the exchange website, that allows members to bet against certain outcomes, which is used to totally cover any loosing bets from the promotional offers. The result is that members can make a regular risk free profit tax free.

Promotional offers are given to new account holders and regularly to existing account holders. So the opportunities are continuous.

The founder of Profit Accumulator

The creator of the company is called Sam Stoffel. I found that Sam was very responsive if you have any queries or need clarification on anything. Daily reloads and new offers are also posted in the Profit Accumulator back office every day. Sam Stoffel has been doing this for years now and makes sure that all his members abide by the terms and conditions of the offers to ensure there are no error made by members.

Profit Accumulator Facebook Group

One of the main advantages of joining as a Platinum member is that you get access to the Facebook Group. As soon as you join Sam will email you an invite. In the group people share offers they find an discuss tips, review and share offers to maximize your earnings. There are daily offers and training posted by the admins. But best off all, in my opinion is that members share their success stories and testimonials.

Have a look at these amazing ,but not unusual, results from new members of the group:

profit accumulator facebook group

Sam’s tutorials are very well done and he provides very easy to understand instructions that you can go back and re-watch at your own pace and this exciting opportunity will allow anyone to make money from this system.

You can actually review and try out the system using the free trial or go for platinum service straight away at a very reasonable price: which will be easily covered by the profits you make doing just 1 or 2 offers. Most people make around £100 in the first 2 days. This would pay for a full 12 month With PA.

Profit Accumulator Review


Getting Started with Profit Accumulator Useful Tips

Here at Matched Betting Calculator, after we reviewed Profit Accumulator, we get lots of members of PA asking the same sort of questions over and over. Here are some very beneficial tips and info for the novice members of Profit Accumulator.Profit Accumulator Tips

Before you even sign up to PA, I suggest having a good read though these tips, here on this review, so that when you are in the process of matched betting, things go smoothly for you, and you can keep track of everything.

Firstly, open a new bank account separate from your day-to-day financial resources.

This will make it less complicated to track your PA money, as well as allow you to begin to develop as well as boost your “wagering fund”. Keeping this away from your daily finances will certainly stop you playing with your rent money and means that you have a betting-bank, and allow you to progress quicker.

I suggest something like a Barclays Cash Card Account, which has no regular monthly charges, no overdraft account, but importantly offers you a visa debit card, and also access to electronic banking.

You will often be asked by bookies to give evidence of identity when you do your very first payment. This is fairly usual, so its ideal to be prepared. Utilizing a smartphone, some type of digital camera or scan obtain copies of:

1, Driving Licence
2, A recent Energy Bill (council tax obligation, gas/ electric etc )
3, A duplicate of the Front AND rear of the charge card you are depositing with. ** Blank out the mid 8 digits so only the very first 4 and last 4 are visible, and ensure you do the very same on the back if its noticeable there, likewise see to it the card is authorized.

Other forms of identification might be acceptable, just what you can use is usually specified when you are requested for ID. But this is what I make use of personally and has actually always been accepted as well as authorized.

Create a profit accumulator spreadsheet

It’s good to be organised so you can keep track of your finances, which bookmakers you have accounts with, your passwords as well as to view where your cash is at any time, and what current bets you have placed and if any you have pending etc.

You can download a spread sheet we’ve made here: Download Profit Accumulator Spreadsheet
Prepare your internet browser and get organised

By this I indicate handle your bookie bookmarks. I have 3 Folders, Bookies, Exchanges and Personal.

Bookies has all the bookmaker web sites in them, so I can reach them once again effortlessly, very same with the exchanges folder. In there I have the connect to Smarkets, Betfair and also BetDaq. The personal folder is where I keep my spread sheet, electronic banking, as well as various other individual notes etc for matched-betting.

Okay. back to the common Questions that are asked by new members.

Does Profit Accumulator Work?

Well the proof is undeniable. Thousands of UK members are having amazing success with this system.

What amount of capital do I need to begin generating income?

You can start from just £50 (I began with £100) You will certainly be limited to the smaller deals to begin with, however this will certainly aid you build up your account so you can take care of the larger deals.

What’s the difference between the qualifying bet and the free bet?

There are usually 2 actions to the offers. The first is the qualifier, this is the bet(s) you should position to qualify for your FREE BET, this Qualifying wager will normally loose around around 20-50p, yet this is OK, this is NOT where you make the cash. The cash is made from the FREE BET which you receive after.

The odds matching page will let you view book makers and what bets are currently on the market. Get used to using this, and practice looking for matches so when you come to place your bets, you can be faster with it

The Calculator is the program you use to calculate your profits. Again have a play with this to see how it works. Generally the “Normal” button is what you will use for your qualifying bet, and the “Free Bet SNR” is what you will have selected when calculating your Free Bet Profits.

The higher the odds ( For your free bet ), and the closer the back and lay figures are, the higher your profits will be. Always make sure there enough money in the market to cover your laybet ( eg betfair smarkets etc )

What is liability?

Liability is the money you need in your exchange account ( eg Betfair ) to cover the lay bet if the bet looses. DO NOT WORRY, if you loose the money in your exchange bet, you will get the money from your back bet ( The Bookie )

This is just needed in the event the lay bet looses.

An easy mistake to make when placing a lay bet is copying the wrong figure from the calculator. The Lay bet amount is labelled “The amount you could lay is xxx” THIS IS WHAT YOU USE AS YOUR LAY BET FIGURE.

The section labelled, “The Liability should be “”xxx” Is what money is needed in the exchange to cover the lay bet.

I have completed my first offer and its been 2 days and the money isn’t in my account, why?

Most bookies can take up to 5 days before the funds hit your account, and your first withdrawal from them could take longer. Certain Sites, especially ones operated by Cassava can taken even longer. Just be patient, it will get there.

I’ve signed up, what now ?

This is VERY important, Sam has provided a lot of tutorial videos on the website, with step by step guides with him going over the process for various promotions. It is IMPORTANT that you watch these video’s , and again if needed.

Once you have finished with that video then come back here and ready through our Matched Betting Guide on the home page.

This will explain to you the process of the matched betting steps with direct examples. There is also a great Tutorial Video in the members Area That Sam has made.

If you have watched those video’s and are now ready to get stuck in yourself, go to the Offers Page, which is on a sub menu on the right hand side of the members area. Start with the Coral Offer, as Sam has made this the most easy to understand foolproof video, explaining in extreme detail the steps involved with placing your back bet, your lay bet, qualifying bets and your free bet.

Once you have done your first offer ( usually Coral ) Now start to make your way DOWN the list, starting with the Gold Offers. Sam has ordered them from easiest first to make it easy to progress.

There are different types of offers, Sportsbook, Bingo & Casino.

RISK FREE GUARANTEED PROFITS mostly come from the sports book offers ( normal betting/laying ) as these are calculated with exact figures on what you will make.
Some Casino and Bingo offers are risk free, but most do involve a little risk, maybe not to your initial deposit, but you might not make any profit. Sam does state in his guides on the website which are risk free and which are not.

If you are just starting out and do not have the funds to potentially loose a little money, stick with the guaranteed Sportsbook offers till you build up your betting bank. This DOES NOT MEAN that the casino and bingo offers should be avoided, there is just some variance on them.

Once you have built up some funds, these can be a great source of profits but they do come with variance.

Maximizing Profits with Free Bets: There are 4 main Betting exchanges, Betfair which is the most popular, Smarkets, Betdaq & Matchbook.
Each exchange charges a different commission rate. Betfair charges 5%, Betdaq charges 3%, Smarkets charges 2%. Matchbook only charges 1%, but they do so on losing bets too.
Once you have accounts with each exchange, and your already familiar with the exchange process, you can squeeze out a little more profit by using an exchange with lower commission rates, though make sure that the exchange you use has the money in the market so your bet will get matched. Betfair is the most popular one I believe.
Do the same with your qualifying bets too, as this will reduce the slight loss you make on those, again all adding up to more long term profits !

The importance of a having “Betting Bank”

One thing that is very important to do, as mentioned before by opening up an account specifically for this, is to build a betting bank. Do not be tempted to start dipping into the money you make straight away, one of the best investments you can make with your initial winnings is to start a fund to help progression of the bigger offers, and to be able to do multiple offers at the same time.

Having to wait for withdrawals constantly will seriously limit the amount of ongoing offers and reloads you can do at any one time. I would try to aim for around £2000 – £3000. This will let you tackle bigger offers, place bets at much higher odds maximizing your profits and stop you having to wait 4 or more days before you can move onto the next offer.

The best advice anyone will give you is DO NOT RUSH. If you are unsure about Anything, do not rush into it, this is how you could potentially loose money by making a very simple silly mistake. Join and frequently use the Profit Accumulator Facebook forum, the community there is excellent, and we all help each other. Sam also monitors this forum and responds extremely quickly to people who need help.



Long Term Profits

What to do after you have completed all of the sign up offers?

If your reading this then no doubt you’ve completed all of the sign up offers by now or you are wondering what the long term profits possibilities are with Matched betting with Profit Accumulator. By now you must be pretty excited and have an idea of exactly what sort of earnings levels are feasible with Matched Betting if you truly placed the effort in.

You should likewise have now had a dabble at the lucrative the Casino and Bingo sections of your offers page, and be sitting comfortable on accumulated profit of around of £2000. If you haven’t ventured into all of the Casino and Bingo parts yet, then get these done before venturing into the monthly reloads and so forth. These bingo/casino promotional offers are super easy as well as take very little time, and also the revenues can be incredibly huge, if you are lucky enough to hit a jackpot.

Every one of the cash pay outs that you have actually earned from profiting from the sign-up offers up until now is all now part of your Matched Betting bank. I hope you haven’t been tempted to withdraw the earnings and go shopping on some new shoes or whatever takes your fancy. Remember this is all about accumulating profits, hence the name of the system. If you keep dipping into the money you’ve made then you are never going to increase your earnings.

Once you get your betting bank up to around £5,000, which should take 3-6 months you can then start taking on the bigger offers and can do every one that is available to you. If you really want Matched Betting to provide an income stream for the rest of your life, you have to learn how to treat this betting bank money with respect. After all it takes money to make money. Don’t get carried away and start spending the profits. Once you get the hang of it you’ll know how much money you make each month and how much you can pay yourself with out dwindling the pot.

Think long term!

With gambling, in general, you always lose in the end this is because it is rigged that way. That’s how all those fancy hotels and casinos are built. The whole gaming industry is based upon the idea that the bookmakers have a slight edge over their consumers. For example, the Roulette wheel has numbers in alternate Red an Black colours. If you bet on Red and a red number comes up you double your money. But, and this is a big ‘but’, the wheel also has the number zero, which is in green. So no matter how many players are betting on Red or Black, in the end it averages out to 50/50 which colour it lands on. But with extra zero number the house makes money.

This is known as the house edge. There is always a mathematical edge for bookmakers whether it be in sports betting, Horse Racing on Casino gaming.

With Matched Betting, however, we are flipping this on it’s head and basically giving ourselves the edge. In the long term WE are guaranteed to profit an not the bookmakers. To make money long term with Profit Accumulator you need to stop thinking just about sign-up offers, because there are only a finite number of sites you can join. They key to make profits month in and month out is the monthly reloads and Racing refund offers. All these offers and training is provided to the Platinum Members is site the PA membership area back office.

Reload offers will contain a combination of totally risk free, and non-risk free offers. If you want to, you can stick exclusively to the 100% safe offers, however if you do this you’ll considerably reduce your long term profits revenues. Remember in the end you will always profit. This system is a marathon and not a sprint!
Profit Accumulator Review

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Profit Accumulator is a membership website you can join for free. You’ll learn the secrets of matched betting and view tutorials. There are over 10,000 members now. The founder Sam Stoffel shows you how to make up to £2000 a month. I’ve tested this system out and it really works!
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Date Published: 02/02/2015
A fantastic way to make an addition income on-line. Read my full review for details.
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